Learn To Fall presents:

10 Day Seminar in South Africa
„Trick-Riding, Natural Horsemanship and Liberty Training“
with Elbrus Ourtaev

Date: 22 February – 3 March, 2017
Location: George (Western Cape), South Africa
Trainer: Elbrus Ourtaev – Horse Trainer, Stunt- and Trick-Rider
Price: CHF 1’200 p.P. (8 days seminar incl. lunch, and 2 day-tours)
Infos & Registration: info@learntofall.ch

Trick-Riding looks daring and spectacular – but everybody can learn the techniques. Through this training you will not only improve your balance, strength and body-awareness but also your confidence. The excercises will be tailored according to your individual abilities and fitness. The overall goal is to have fun, to improve your riding skills and to boost your confidence. Under Elbrus’ supervision, you can be sure that you will not be overtaxed. In this seminar you will also learn about horsemanship and liberty training, which are essential components of Trick-Riding. At the end of the course, all participants will put together a show to perform and demonstrate their newly acquired skills. And who knows, maybe you will one day perform along side of Elbrus in a motion picture…

LTF will be hosting this exclusive event twice a year in February and November.

About the trainer:
Elbrus grew up in Ossetia where he excelled in Jigitovka. Jigitovka was used by the horse cavalry in war time and the riding style was developed to use against the enemy in battle. It later became an art form and a horse sport which has been used in the entertainment industry. Elbrus joined the Moscow State Circus School at age 15 and went on to work with the Moscow State Circus for several years. He then joined a horse-stunt theatre with Muhtarbek Kantimirov and they performed together entertaining audiences all around Europe. Elbrus and his wife later settled in South Africa and began training horses and working on various television commercials and feature films including 10,000 BC and The Flight of the Phoenix as a stunt rider and performer. He is a martial-arts trainer and has performed in many fight scenes. More infos: http://filmequus.co

Location, Travel, Accommodation and Meals:
The training and seminar will take place on Elbrus Ourtaev Farm just outside of George. George Airport is 15min drive from the Farm.

Flight, accommodation and car rental must be booked by each participant individually. In and around George and Wilderness area is a wide variety of accommodation. Wilderness is a great place to be based as there are plenty of restaurants, Hotels, BB and Back packers along with beautiful scenery and awesome beaches that can be reached within walking distance. If you chose to stay in Wilderness, we can recommend The Beach House, or The Fairy Knowe Backpackers.

For more information visit:

Lunch will be provided everyday while training is taking part (included in price). Upon booking, please let us know if you are vegetarian (South Africans eat predominantly meat). Breakfast is served in most hotels and dinner can be enjoyed in one of the many restaurants.

If you decide not to rent your own car or can’t drive, we can arrange for shuttle service. In that case we would like it if there are more than one in the same situation to stay at the same place. Makes it much easier for us to pick you up and drop you off.

Training will start every morning at 9am and will finish around 4.30pm (sometime earlier, sometimes a bit later).

Day 1
9am – 12pm: Introduction to Elbrus Ourtaev, safety guidelines, explaining the course, getting to know each other and work out a training program for each participant according to their ability and fitness.
2pm: Go horse riding on the farm.

Day 2
9am – 12pm: Introduction to Trick-riding (e.g., learn to ride on a circle without reins).
Noon – 2pm: Lunch
2pm – 4.30pm: Watch and learn as Bruce will explain the finer details of basic Horsemanship techniques with introduction to Liberty Training.

Day 3
9am – 12pm: Trick-Riding training
Noon – 2pm: Lunch
2pm – 4.30pm: Natural Horsemanship with Liberty Training

Day 4
Going Horse back riding in a Game reserve. Stopping over at the Cango Caves and an Ostrich Farm. Time to relax. The Klein Karoo is a very special place rich in history and scenic mountains.

Day 5 / Day 6 / Day 7
9am – 12pm: Trick-Riding training
Noon – 2pm: Lunch
2pm – 4.30pm: Natural Horsemanship with Liberty Training

Day 8
We will go riding in the forest close to the mountains in Wilderness. This 3 hour ride will take us to a waterfall where we can relax and enjoy nature.

Day 9
9am – 12pm: Trick-Riding training
Noon – 2pm: Lunch
2pm – 4.30pm: Natural Horsemanship with Liberty Training

Day 10
After such an exciting and wonderful time, the grand finale will be a show that the participant put together. Everybody will participate and put their new skills into action. From your basic Liberty Training to some Trick-Riding.


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